Suspension Rebuilds and Upgrades.

Suspension rebuilds are not that hard. It involves a full strip down of your vehicles suspension and reassembly with new parts. These parts can be factory oem parts, non-oem parts or competition/after market parts.

Cars imported from abroad usually have suspension problems , as these are not made for driving conditions in Africa. Generally your suspension parts are replaced with heavy duty ones, so they can survive the terrain.

We have several manufacturers who have suspension parts specifically for the local conditions. Apart from this if your vehicle is involved in an accident or you specifically want to rebuild your suspension for smoother drives, then we are the people to call.

Suspension Upgrades are usually when you want lift or heavy duty suspension , or race type suspensions on your vehicles. This is dependent on the clients need, some for better traction , some for better speed etc. Ideally the client is conversant with his vehicles need and works wth us to order the appropriate suspension parts he wants involved. Again labour charges are dependent on the work carried out for upgrades