Carworx Ltd - Repair Assessment

Insurance Claim When you make a claim against an insurance policy for a loss or damage, your insurer’s primary goal is to either repair, rebuild or replace your vehicle as quickly as possible and to the best quality possible under the policy’s terms and conditions. In some circumstances you may be offered a cash settlement.

Many insurers have preferred suppliers of repair and building services. Others will allow you to choose your own.

Many insurance companies build strategic relationships with parts firms, motor vehicle repairers, specialist suppliers and project managers. These contractors are selected because they meet the insurers’ requirements for capacity, quality and performance.If your insurer selects a contractor to repair or rebuild your Vehicle, that firm will have signed a contract with the insurer promising that the work that the insurer has approved, is carried out quickly and to the standards that the contractor has agreed to deliver.Sometimes firms subcontract work to a local company and will guarantee the work is done to the required standard and usually within very tight timeframes.You have a choice to take it to the Insurers place or your own Garage

If repairs are performed by a company that was authorised by the insurer, then under the General Insurance Code of Practice, the insurer is responsible for the quality of the workmanship and materials.So, if the repairs are faulty or incomplete then the insurer is responsible for fixing this.

How to get a repair assessment done? Drive your vehicle in or have it brought to us for a repair assessment. You can do this as you have a choice , we as your appointed garage, we as the appointed garage by the insurance company , or we as a third party assessment when you were not happy with the assessment given by your insurance company. Make sure all parts damaged are present during the assessment. List every part that has to be changed or is damaged. A report of this is made, a cost is provided for the part the cost of repair/replacement as well as cost of miscallaneous items to be done, to make sure your vehicle is road worthy. This is forwardes to yourselves as well as your insurance company for approval. Once thats approved and we recieve approval , we can work on your vehicle.