Carworx Ltd - Major Service for your Vehicle

Like the minor service, a major service is designed to extend a vehicle’s engine life and performance. A major service, however, is more thorough. This covers the inner most extent of your vehicle, and a very detailed check of things is done. Like all our services we do a full check and provide our client with indepth report of their vehicles condition.

This extensive, major service includes all the items from our Minor Service, replacement spark plugs and front wiper blades plus an analysis of the engine management system.We also may recomend an engine flush treatment to maximise the effectiveness of your oil change and a fuel treatment to help clean the fuel system and improve performance and economy.Our technicians will go through the same checks as for a minor service, do an engine oil and filter change, and then inspect

Exhaust, brakes, steering and transmission
Engine belts and external hoses
Tyres and tyre pressure
Windscreen wipers
The cooling system and coolant
Brake fluid
Replace spark plugs
Inspect air and fuel filters
Perform an engine flush treatment if necessary
Perform a power steering flush treatment if necessary
Perform a cooling system flush treatment if necessary
Perform a fuel injection service if necessary
Perform a transmission flush treatment if necessary

Each vehicle is placed with a service tag, and the detailed bill is accompanied with a full report Minor/Major service conducted, as well as recommendations for things to be done in the future. Both Minor/Major service pricing includes cost of electronic diagnostic as well.