Carworx Ltd - Insurance approved repairs

Ideally after an accident and all, your vehicle if insured is supposed to go to an auto repair workshop , where damage assessment and estimates are worked out.Please note: you are allowed to choose your own repair work shop, unless explicitly in your agreement

As an owner, please make sure you are properly insured comprehensively as well as payments are done on time. You may asked to top up your premimums or excesses. Repair procedures are simple once an assessment is agreed by the assessor, auto garage, insurance company and owner.It is your duty to push for the repairs to be carried out as soon as possible.Once repairs are done, the vehicle can be only released to you , after you , and the insurance company have satisfactorily acknowledged to the garage all repairs have be done as per required.

In case your vehicle ends up in the garage with none of the above things done , you could be charged with storage of vehicle , unless previously agreed.

Please note: Insure with a qualified insurance company. Make sure your policy comprehensively covers your vehicle. In case you require any assistance , we can guide you on the same.