Carworx Ltd - Full Vehicle Assessment

COMPLETE VEHICLE INSPECTION In an effort to maintain the health of your vehicle, car manufacturers recommend complete vehicle inspections at regular intervals. Complete vehicle inspections provide a deep examination of the major components of your car.

At Carworx Ltd our certified auto technicians perform these full car inspections and they know just what to look for

With a complete vehicle inspection, expect a thorough assessment of your vehicle's:

  • Vehicle Exhaust - We check for vehicle noises such as popping, hissing or excessive loudness, all of which could indicate issues related to exhaust problems such as leaking or damaged muffler, tailpipe, punctured catalytic converter or other exhaust problems.
  • Suspension Problems - We check for suspension-related issues, including damaged shocks or struts, broken mounts or bushings and vehicle swaying or bouncing.
  • Tire Issues - We examine tire pressure, making sure the recommended tire pressure is set according to your vehicles specifications. We look for uneven tire wear on the outside and inside of tire and make sure tread wear has not fallen below recommended levels. Uneven tread wear can indicate there are alignment issues. We also check tread depth to make sure tires have not fallen below minimum levels.We assess vehicle stability and handling related to tire and wheel alignment and look for indications like uneven tread wear or a misaligned steering wheel that could help indicate an offset in vehicle alignment.
  • Vehicles Lighting Systems - We examine vehicle headlights, high beams, brake lights, turn signals, hazards and more.
  • Fluid Levels - We monitor the fluid levels in your vehicle including washer fluid, coolant, brake fluid and more.
  • Belts & Tensioners - We examine your vehicle's fan belt, drive belt or serpentine belt and check the tensioner that attaches the belt to the engine.
  • Battery Check - We assess your vehicle's battery, checking the water level and looking for loose connections, loose cables and/or corrosion.
  • Air and Cabin Filters - We make sure these filters are free of debris and other pollutants, and that air is circulating properly.