Product : 31X10.5R15

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Product Category : 4 X 4 & SUV Tyres

Product Brand :

Product Name : 31X10.5R15

Product Quick Description : BIGHORN MT753

Product Vehicle : 20 X 4 , SUV, CUV

Product Vehicle Model Compatibility : 4 X 4 , SUV, CUV

Product Code : BIGHORN MT753

Product Price : Kshs 24000/-

Product Condition : New

Full Description : MUD TERRAIN The Bighorn is a radial construction tire with a wide footprint providing better shock absorption and excellent traction. The Bighorn contains extra large shoulder lugs, protecting the rim and sidewalls from unnecessary cuts and abrasions, while the raised white letters on the sidewall give it a sporty look. Designed to provide a smooth ride suitable for desert, dirt, rock, snow, and mud applications, the Bighorn is suitable for all terrains.

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