Carworx Ltd - Damage Assessment

Damage Assessment is crucial if your vehicle has an accident. Its helps to find the cost of repair as well as ensures that you are not taken for a ride by both the garage and insurance companies.

Basic Procedures to follow If your involved in an accident the following procedure is important Do not move or flee from the accident Zone. In case if you have to, take photos from every angle to ascertain exact position. Make an immediate note of what happen, people tend to forget later on If the accident is with another vehicle , note the number plate, drivers details etc You are not obligated to respond to the driver of the vehicle except for licence and car details. Call the immediate police station to come and mark the area etc Immediately call your insurance company, their numbers are usually listed behind the insurance sticker. From there on , your insurance company will advice you how to go about things

Once you have sorted your Police and Insurance details , you can ask to repair your damaged vehicle at a garage of your choice, and are no way obligated to send to the Insurance Company's required repairer, until exclusively stated in your insurance policy.

Once your vehicle is with us, we expect the insurance company to come assess the damage, or its can be pre-assessed, we will also do a similar valution of the repair cost etc and compare and come in agreement with the Assesors and Insurance company, One all is agreed we are given a go-ahead for the work to be carried out. It is only after this happens that we can actually work on your vehicle

If you want us to do an independent evaluation , you need to bring the vehicle to us and a small fee will be charged for the same and can be offset against the repair bill should you choose to work with us.Please note vehicle storage charges will be charged for any vehicles left derelict with us for more than 72 hours, without Assessors or Insurance Companies acting on it. It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure this is followed up.