Carworx Limited - The Company

Lets introduce quality car care Bringing the best of the motoring world to your doorstep with a touch of a button. From mechanical to body work to supply of spares, parts and consumables for the ultimate motoring experience in Kenya. Welcome to Carworx Limited.

We are proudly a Kenyan Company established in 2014 with the aim of providing a growing number of clients, a well deserved motor care and motor works company. We have a full regiment of services we provide to our clients on a daily basis , especially with motor vehicles now going into the digital age. We also boast latest techniques as well as software solutions to solve what ails your vehicles. We also boast a team of well qualified personal to work and operate your vehicles. The best of motoring brought to your doorstep . Keeping a well-maintained vehicle is paramount to your safety. We treat your car like its our own

How we started We sat down with our owners and decided it was time to offer our clients a better solution for their motoring needs, as well as a well advised and well maintained motor deal. All it took was the planning and execution to come to where we are today. We are dedicated to serve you better.We believe in giving you correct information , correct diagnosis, correct service and repair at a price thats just right for your pocket.

Our growth and progression since our inception in 2014 we have slowly accumulated information , data and services from all the major suppliers of parts in Kenya. Along with this we have also recruited staff that are capable of maintaining your vehicular needs.We have updated ourselves with modern technology to better diagnose your vehicles. We have been growing ever since slowly but surely.

The Company today We now have clients that recommend us to their colleagues ,friends and family. We are slowly progressing to be recognised as one of the top garages situated in Nairobi, for small and medium class vehicle servicing and repair work. Our client list is also extensively growing.

Our Motto We have a simple motto, "Motoring safely in Kenya" , We treat your vehicle like its our own personal vehicle. There are no shortcuts to maintaining safety in a vehicle. We use the highest quality parts available in Kenya , as well as use quality lubricants. We provide indepth reports and analysis of each vehicle that comes to us , as well as maintain a history of it ourselves, just for your benefit.

Us With the Enviornment We are an enviornmental friendly company and try to lessen our carbon footprint. Used oil and lubricants are collected safely , instead of being dumped , and taken to recyclers . Metal parts and scrap is recycled , if left by our clients. Rubber waste is recycled through to by rubber recycling industries collecting it. We also use modern technology like invoicing online as well as using recyled paper in our offices. We also advice our clients on carbon emmissions of their vehicles, and ensure that they are working at optimum to reduce pollutants.

We support Our local communities with local donations of food and clothing when needed , and when we can provide. We encourage education as well and care for animals, through various activities like attending and organising Runs and Fund Raisers. Help raise funds by supporting up coming drives.

Moving forward If you have been visiting us, you will see we have progressed on the web as well as our services form a small platform to where we are today. We are now mobile ready as well as provide informatics , whether you are our client or not. We have suppliers posting their products directly to our web portal and also pretty soon we shall introduce direct vehicle manufacturers and importers. That remains to come in the near future with your support.

Come Say Hello or Shall we visit you If you have questions about your vehicle, come to us , come see us, come talk to us. Or would you rather we come to you. Why wait pick up the phone , call us , we could change the way you motor in Kenya.